About us

Gjelten Bru Camping is idyllically situated by the Folla River in Alvdal. A peaceful and family-friendly campsite with a long history.

The Alvdal Tourist Association started the camping in 1959, but at that time, there were only tent pitches.

Nils Dæhlie managed the camping from 1962, along with his grocery store on the other side of the Folla River. He eventually added 11 cabins and a sanitary facility.

Oddbjørn Dæhlie took over the camping from his father, Nils, in 1992 and renovated the campground with additional cabins and a new sanitary facility.

The area where the campground is located has always belonged to Tveråen and has been leased to both the Tourist Association and the Dæhlie family for decades. Anders Tveråen took over the camping in 2020 when Dæhlie retired.