Alvdal is a charming village at the foot of the mountain called Tronfjell. The settlement is scattered in the valley bottom along the rivers Folla and Glåma, which separate the two main excursion areas, Østkjølen and Alvdal Vestfjell. The municipal center, Steia, is located where the rivers meet. In this rural environment, Kjell Aukrust grew up. His childhood years in Alvdal provided inspiration for the rich folk humor he is so well known for.

  • Aukrustsenteret – a large art and experience center built around Kjell Aukrust’s world. Here, you’ll get impressions beyond the ordinary.
  • Aukrustmonumentet – by the church, Kjell, Solan, and Ludvig stands gazing out over the village and down towards Kjell’s childhood home, Storsteigen.
  • Husantunet – one of the country’s best-preserved rural museums with 18 turf-roofed houses, some dating back to the 17th century.
  • Tronfjellet – a road leading to the summit, at an elevation of 1,666 meters above sea level. An exciting botanical area with a fantastic view. Memorial monument dedicated to the Indian philosopher Baral.
  • Einunndalen – Norway’s longest, and perhaps
    the most beautiful mountan valley. Vibrant mountain farm life.
  • Alvdal Vestfjell – Sølndalen and Haustdalen is a paradise for those who appreciate beautiful nature and tranquil surroundings. Numerous mountain farms, marked hiking trails by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), various accommodation options. Sølnkletten, at 1,827 meters above sea level, is an experience in itself.
  • Jutulhogget – Northern Europe’s largest canyon. Formed during the last ice age. The canyon is 500 meters at its widest point and 2.5 kilometers long. The walls reach heights of up to 240 meters. A geologically and botanically fascinating area.
  • Røros – A day trip to Bergstaden. The mining town that is on UNESCO’s list of the world’s most valuable cultural heritage sites.

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